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Kimberleigh Ladd

Kimberleigh Ladd Carrigan Photography

Peoria Heights, IL/ Denver, Colorado


Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of the way in which I experience my environment. When I press the shutter release button on my camera I feel as though I have captured a secret. I usually can hardly wait to get home and explore it on my computer. I am often surprised by what I find in the end.
I use photography to document the world around me. In my work, I seek to share brief overlooked moments that hold tremendous beauty and grace. Many of the images I capture are often the ones overlooked by people , a leafless tree in a bare field, an abandoned factory, an old railroad bridge. My goal is to make photographs that draw viewers into the "now" . A focus on details keeps us in the present, it stops us from fretting about the future or regretting the past.
All the photographs are original images and all post-processing was produced by me. I feel the hours spent fine tuning an image on the computer, duplicate the hours that used to be spent in the darkroom, the goal is the same.
I am inspired by the moments we lose to memory. I hope to bottle up happy moments in my photographs to save for the future.
My goal as an artist is to share the quiet beauty that surprises me everyday in scenes and situations that would normally be overlooked.

Kim Ladd

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I was born in Los Angelos, California but raised in Illinois. Raised in a creative family, my first experience with a camera was in high school. I went on to get degrees in photography from Southern Illinois University and Bradley University. Although I was very shy, the camera allowed me to be a part of the "action" without really being seen. From the first moment I saw an image appear in the developing tray in the darkroom, I was thrilled by the desire to create. Throughout my career as a photographer I have shot everything from crime scenes to children's portraits to newspapers shots to landscapes.

At present, I am a four year Cancer survivor and stem cell transplant recipient. The focus of my work seems to be on the old and the dilapidated and the beauty that can be found within. That fight has made me much more grateful for today and the blessings it might reveal. I live in Peoria Heights,Illinois. I love shooting all aspects of the world around me especially the broken, the discarded and the forgotten areas of the world.

All of my photographs are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

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Sublime Banner Part 3 by Kimberleigh Ladd


Field Beside the Bridge by Kimberleigh Ladd


Alley Carry Out by Kimberleigh Ladd


CoonFeet by Kimberleigh Ladd


Illinois River Bottoms by Kimberleigh Ladd


Waiting in the Fog by Kimberleigh Ladd


Mist burning off the field by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Gorgeous Fall by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Gray Room by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Grass is Greener by Kimberleigh Ladd


Old Pastel House by Kimberleigh Ladd


The green knoll by Kimberleigh Ladd


Banner Marsh Spring by Kimberleigh Ladd


Left in the Cold by Kimberleigh Ladd


Old cemetary in a farm field by Kimberleigh Ladd


Old Red barn in an Illinois Snow Storm by Kimberleigh Ladd


One Spring Morn by Kimberleigh Ladd


Orton Barn by Kimberleigh Ladd


Andi's Cats by Kimberleigh Ladd


Big Illinois Sky by Kimberleigh Ladd


November Hawk by Kimberleigh Ladd


Watery Ramble by Kimberleigh Ladd


Two Silos by Kimberleigh Ladd


Spring blooms by Kimberleigh Ladd


Tractor Silhouette by Kimberleigh Ladd


Serious Coneflowers by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Marsh by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Brick Room by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Long Room by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Blue Pillow Room by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Leaning Red Room by Kimberleigh Ladd


Dance of the Autumn Trees by Kimberleigh Ladd


The Wonderful Pig by Kimberleigh Ladd